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Opening Blog

     Hello and welcome to our new website.  We are Ellie and Dave Aitken, and have been traveling for decades.  We have been in business for about 10 years, and have traveled all over the world visiting all the continents and almost 85 countries.  We both are now on our fourth passport!  With this depth of experience, we can certainly help you in planning your next trip.  I’ve never blogged before, but thought it would helpful to people who look at our web site to inform them of what's out there, and focus on the joy of travel; meeting new people and seeing new places.   Our travel experiences have been enriching and have broadened our horizons.

     We have participated in a number of “Specialist” programs sponsored by various countries.  The goal is to have the travel agent become very familiar with a destination, and travel to the country to see it for themselves.  There is an old saying in the travel business: “If you have not been there, you can’t sell it intelligently”.   Being of Scottish heritage, we first specialized in Scotland.  They have an extended course of study that we completed along with traveling to Scotland at least ten times, including this past Spring where we attended th e Scottish Expo Trade Show.  There we meet with the providers of travel from Scotland with whom we work to provide travel to the general public.  We also take a trip each time to see a different part of the country to gain more knowledge of what's available to the traveling public.


     We also have been certified in England.  We have traveled extensively in Europe since the early 1970’s, and recently took a Elbe River cruise from Prague to Potsdam through what was E. Germany.  From there, we went to Stuttgart where we purchased a new Mercedes Benz and drove through Southern Germany, Austria, Italy and Hungary before shipping it home.  We’ll be talking about these trip experiences in future blogs and including some interesting pictures as well.


     We are also certified specialists in Australia and New Zealand.  We have been to Australia many times since 1987; were there last year and going again this September.  It is a very large country with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet!  We also have been to New Zealand and just returned last month from our latest trip there; three weeks and 2400 miles on the left side of the road—an absolutely lovely country with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  Does a helicopter trip to a glacier sound interesting?  We did this at the Franz Josef Glacier on the west coast of the South Island and 10 minutes later we were on a quad ride in a rain forest!


     In the 1990s we made our first trip to Africa and we were smitten by the beauty and the animals. We’ve been to East Africa; Kenya and Tanzania on safari, and South Africa several times, photo safaris to Botswana, including Etosha National Park and Victoria Falls. Unbelievable places, which we’ll be referring to in future blogs.  We’ll also be writing about South America, Antarctica, and India as well our various cruises through the Panama Canal, Caribbean, Baltic, Mediterranean, and Antarctica.


     I hope this whets your curiosity for more information about the wonderful world of travel.  Perhaps we will spark your interest and assist you with YOUR trip to some of the fabulous places we've mentioned.  I look forward to your feedback and comments.

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Dave's additional blog commentary is located at The Wandering Scot.

Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Taj Mahal, Agra, India